APAM Company Ltd. ex-employee decries April, May pending salaries

Friday, December 28, 2018

Former chief operator and team leader at Alhamdulillah Petroleum Mineral Company Ltd. (APAM) Mr. Jerreh Jassey has complained of his April and May 2017 pending salaries, months after receiving letter terminating his appointment following the close down of the company by Geology Department in May 2017.

In an interview with The Point, Jerreh Jassey recalled that since April 2017 shortly after the termination of his services, the company has not paid his April and May pending salaries to him.

Jassey recalled that he received his termination letter on the 12 May 2017, written and signed on the 8th of May 2017 by the company’s deputy managing director, Mr. Toni Ghattas. Since then, for more than two months now he has been going back and forth to the Labour Department claiming for his pending April and May salaries, but to no avail.

He said he spent a lot of money as transportation to the Labour Department so as to make sure that he receives his two-month pending salaries. He thus appealed to the government to look into their plight and make sure that both his delayed salaries are duly paid to him, after almost a year when he got his letter terminating his appointment.

“What I’m simply appealing for is the payment of my pending salaries from the company and I appeal to the government to look into my plight and save me from all these difficult times” he added.

Sambou K. Barrow, deputy commissioner at Labour Department has informed The Point that efforts have been made by his Department in making sure that the complainant receives his pending salaries from the company.       

He indicated that a letter dated 13 of September 2017 to that effect was written to the Solicitor General and Legal Secretary at the Attorney General’s Chambers and Ministry of Justice and copied to Augustus Prom, Chartered Accountant, as receiver on the salary claims of 35 workers for the month of April and May 2017.

The Department of Labour, he went on, has worked very hard in informing the ongoing Janneh Commission, which is probing the financial dealings of the former president. He made it clear that APAM accounts and assets have been frozen.

“We have even written to Janneh Commission so they can unfreeze the assets and accounts of the company in order to enable the payment of pending April and May salaries to these workers. After one year now we as a department have been following the Janneh Commission to allow the financial settlement of these workers” he stated.