Ansumana Jammeh taken to task as commission progresses

Friday, August 25, 2017

Ansumana Jammeh, brother to former President Yahya Jammeh, on 23 August 2017, went through vigorous questioning at the commission of inquiry looking into the assets and financial transaction of former President Jammeh.

He testified that he is not employed and did serve as Managing Director of JFP, was taking care of the offices of Jammeh Foundation for Peace.

He said he was an  ambassador to Qatar from 2008 to 2014.

He adduced that he was with Apam for four months in 2015 and that he had letters of appointment from 5 July 2015 to November 2015, adding that his service was terminated on 30 November 2015. He said he was appointed by the former president.

The said letters were tendered and admitted. He posited that Apam was engaged in sand mining at Kartong and Brufut, adding that he signed the license issued to Apam.

He stated that the office of the president asked him to sign the license for Apam.

Mr Jammeh said they later opened an account at GTB but the documents needed for the account were not complete, although they were operating from Standard Chartered Bank building, adding that they only mined sand but they did not export.

He posited that people were going to the quarry to buy sand.

He adduced that one Madam Sillah was their accountant and he appointed her.

A bank statement was shown to him which he recognized.

He stated that the last transaction he made at the bank was on 30 November 2015, adding that there was a balance of D10, 268,000 when he handed over to Toni Ghattas.

Handing over notes by him to Toni Ghattas were tendered and admitted.

A letter dated 17 August 2015 for the appointment of one Isatou Sallah as financial and administrative manager by him was also tendered and admitted.

He further testified that he did not know who owns the business but the person was appointed by the former president, adding that D600,000 was given to him to pay staff salaries.

He posited that he was overseeing the Abuko Central Abbatoir but he was not in full control, adding that he was engaged in Apam and JFP only.

Mr Jammeh revealed that he was a shareholder at Kanilai Family Farm, but never participated in its activities.

He said it belongs to the former president, adding that he is a shareholder in so many companies.

He posited that he has nothing to do with the assets of the former president.

Toni Ghattas was the next person to testify. He said he is a businessman and he was not the MD of Gamico but was the supervisor.

He stated that he was not employed and his company was subcontracted.

He posited that he started business with Carnegie Minerals and later Carnegie left, adding that later Gamico came in.

He adduced that he was also helping with the export, saying he was not part of the team who negotiated for the licence of Gamico.

Mr Ghattas stated that Muhamad Basir was a major shareholder of Gamico, adding that Gamico took over all the equipment of Carnegie.

He said the machines Carnegie left behind were not in good shape, adding that he was transporting mineral for shipment and he would be given a commission for a tonne.

He said Gamico was operating from Kairaba Avenue, adding that he was being paid $5 per tonne.

Mr Ghattas testified that Gamico handed over their equipment to General Saul Badjie after the company was closed down.

He said while he was in Senegal, he was informed that he was appointed as MD for Apam.

He stated that the appointment letter came from the office of the president, adding that he accepted the appointment, and that he took over from Ansumana Tamba.

He posited that there were no staff when he took over from Ansumana Tamba, and that he was using his own staff.

He adduced that the former president asked him to sell 119 containers, saying General Saul Badjie asked him to send 33,000 pounds sterling and $6,000 to State House, and that Mr Badjie requested D5,000,000, as he, Ghattas, was the sole signatory to the account at GTB.

Sheriff Tambedou earlier rose and said he was representing Mr Ghattas.

Author: Dawda Faye
Source: Picture: Ansumana Jammeh