Animal welfare improvement project launched at Gambia College

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Animal welfare Advocate Associations of The Gambia College in Brikama in partnership with Veterinarians without Borders Sweden, last Friday launched a new project called improving animal welfare in farm in The Gambia, through education awareness creation.

The launch followed a three-day capacity building on effective communication for animal welfare advocates targeting one hundred students from both University of The Gambia and the College.

President of the Association Francis S. Mendy said they are climbing a ladder that requires partnership and collaboration with worthy institutions, departments, NGOs and the private sector.

He said the capacity building training on effective communication for animal welfare advocacy is of great importance to them as it will enhance their communication skills approach to issues.

Project coordinator Dr. Kebba Daffeh said the project seeks to improve welfare in farm animals in The Gambia through education and awareness creation.

He said, the Association was formed in 2016 following a training conducted by a German organisation called WTG vet United in partnership with Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust. Students who attended that training deemed it necessary to form an association that would advance animal welfare in The Gambia.  “We hope to improve animal welfare through advocacy. We have already conducted a number of activities including countrywide tour where we sensitised farmers about animal welfare and gave free treatment, said Dr. Daffeh.” 

Abou Manneh, coordinator of Animal welfare Advocates Association also expressed appreciation for the launch of the project while describing it as very timely.

Author: Fatou Dem