An independent for all manifesto

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

My name is Francis George Gomez. I am a citizen of the Gambia by birth. I have lived in the KanifingMunipality continuously since 1975 which qualifies me torun for office of the Mayor of Kanifing Municipality.

Deceit, broken promises and lies: that is the popular opinion on politicians. Well that is not me and I will prove it to you if you vote for me.

“Passionate”, “driven”, “friendly” – these are all words that describe me, but what makes me stand out from the crowd is that I am realistic. Whatever I say, whatever I promise I will make sure I deliver to you the people of this great Kanifing Municipality.

I stand to represent you on three main issues, Economic and Social Development, Public Service Accountability and Integrityand Environment and Health.

If I am elected as your next Mayor I will work my socks off to create more career guidance and job opportunities to young people. This will help stem the flow our youths to foreign lands mainly in Europe via the so-called ‘Back Way’. Not only has the ‘Back Way’ robbed this country of valuable human resources but it has also cost our small nation a lot of precious lives. Young people form the majority of our municipality. My mission is to create opportunities that will make our youths happy to stay at home and contribute to the development, growth and vibrancy of the municipality.

To achieve the above objective of creating opportunities for our youths I will need the support of the private sector and therefore I promise to be the most pro-business Mayor yet. As someone who has helped run a business and are currently a businessman myself, I understand the challenges that those trying to grow a business face. We cannot create opportunities where we cannot ensure a prosperous, growing economy of our municipality. Therefore I will make it my responsibility to initiate partnerships with Central Government, Businesses, NGOs and CBOs with a view to giving more people from our municipality access to the skills they and our economy need.Young people are our future, and that’s why I’m committed to ensuring that we create opportunities in the municipality to help the youth grow and develop.

Alongside youth, economic and social development I will also prioritize health and the environment. We face huge environmental issues in the municipality particularly in the area of refuse collection and management. We need to keep our municipality clean and healthy for all to live in. Because of the failure of the previous Council our markets, especially the main the market at Serekunda, resemble more like dum sites with garbage often uncollected for weeks. The case of the Bakoteh dump site is all too familiar, especially for those unfortunate to live close by like the SoSVillage, Clinic and schools, the Bakoteh Housing Estate, areas of ManjaiKunda, Kotu, DippaKunda, Bakoteh and even Kololi. I can assure you that as your next Mayor resolving the crisis environmental sanitation that has long bedeviled our municipality will top my development agenda.

I cannot look forward to being your next Mayor without first winning your trust. And the only way public officials can be trusted by the electorate is when they can commit themselves to be accountable. I pledge a new era of transparency in local government in which my Administration will consult honestly with residents on development projects. Accountability willbe embedded in everything I do on your behalf and corruption at any level in our municipality will be dealt with swiftly and openly because under my leadership corruption will have no place in our society.

I will not achieve any of my objectives without your support. We need to work together to achieve the full potential of our municipality.  As the African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together”. By voting me as your next Mayor we the people of Kanifing Municipality will go far together.

Why I deserve your Vote: Unlike any other candidate I know currently aspiring to the office of Mayor; I have actually held the Office of Mayor of KMC. My stint as Mayor of KMC was short-lived because of ideological differences with the erstwhile central government. I need to return to complete the progressive reforms I had begun.Hence my campaign slogal – DeffDeffat.

I want to end this manifesto by sharing some of my beliefs:

I believe in the fraternal and national unity of all Gambians.

I believe Public Service can be an effective vehicle for human capital, social and economic development.

I believe I have the passion, training and experience to contribute meaningfully to Public Service – particularly at the level of Mayor at the KMC.