Ambassador Jianchun hosts reception for 2019 Chinese Government Scholarship Awardees

Friday, August 30, 2019

Chinese Ambassador to The Gambia, Ma Jianchun Wednesday hosted a reception for the 2019 Chinese government scholarship awardees at the Chinese Embassy in Bijilo.

Forty Gambians were awarded scholarships by the Government of China, out of which 15 will be going for an undergraduate degree program, 21 for masters degree and 4 for doctor degree.

Each year since 2016, the Chinese government, through its Banjul Embassy, offer scholarships to Gambian students and scholars across the country to study in China in pursuit of their academic dreams.

The majors chosen by the awardees cover a wide range of areas that can be beneficial to the implementation of Gambia’s National Development Plan. They range from medicine to engineering, information technology and food science. Awardees will also study finance, economics, management and international relations.

Ambassador Ma Jianchun addressed the awardees, telling them that it was wonderful to see young, talented and dynamic students and scholars gather and fully prepared to go for what he hopes will be a life-changing learning experience in China.

He described the Chinese Government scholarship as a key program for China-Gambia practical cooperation in the field of capacity building, which is a crucial part of the eight major initiatives announced by President Xi Jinping at the 2018 FOCAC Beijing Summit.

“I believe that the future leading experts for the implementation and realization of Gambia’s national development agendas will come from this very room today,” he said.

He also observed that over the past 4 years, the Chinese Government scholarship program have gradually become widely popular among Gambian students and scholars, saying he believe that is a reflection that China no longer stands at the far end of the world for the Gambian people.

“Concomitant with China’s growth has always been the ever strong China-Africa fraternal ties, and the ever closer China-Africa community with shared future,” he said, adding that China attaches great importance to its relationship with all African countries including The Gambia.

He emphasised that China is willing to share development experience with The Gambia without reserve, and provide a platform to access cutting-edge science and technology of today’s world.

Deputizing for the minister of higher education, research, science and technology, Lamin Dibba said education is the cornerstone for any development and as such, Gambia government prioritises human capital development as a contributor to national development.

He said the world is moving towards knowledge-based economy, wherein it will be difficult as developing country to move forward if the country fail to have the requisite skills and knowledge.

He advised beneficiaries to make best use of the scholarship and to abide by the rules and regulations of the various universities they are going to. He thanked the Chinese Government for availing Gambian students and scholars the opportunity to realize their educational dreams in China. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb