Amat Bah: Barrow to serve only 3 yrs is a joke

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The chairman of the National Reconstruction Party (NRP) and the minister for Tourism and Culture Amat Bah said it is a joke for anyone to think that president Adama Barrow should step down after 3 years as agreed by the coalition.

Amat Bah made these remarks on Monday in NRP’s annual press briefing at the party’s bureau along Kairaba Avenue.

According to Bah, the Constitution of The Gambia supersedes any agreement that might have been agreed upon by the coalition members. “It is true that as coalition, we agreed that whoever leads and wins the presidential election will serve for 3 years and reorganise another election,” he said. “But the constitution mandates President Barrow to serve for 5 years and that must be respected”.

The Tourism and Culture minister went on to say they had no idea what was in store for them at the time of the said agreement. “We thought we would put everything in order and go to the polls but you will all agree with me that we have not gone half in putting things in order”

He said no government can do all it intends to do within the period provided but the Barrow led government must serve beyond 3 years because the agreement is not workable since there is a lot to be done.

“Each day there is a new revelation in the Commission of Inquiry Gambians need to know the damage done by the former regime. There are more reforms to be done, a new and better constitution to be written and all these cannot be sorted out within 3 years,” he further argued. “And President Barrow is the best and the right man to lead us during this process. Gambians should trust President Barrow 1000% because he is kind and a good man.”

Mr. Bah reiterated his party’s commitment to the coalition government and its readiness to work with all the parties in the coalition in the upcoming administrative elections particularly the United Democratic Party (UDP).

The party chairman emphasised the importance of involving women in the democratisation especially the local government elections, noting that they are directly affected.

He thanked his party supporters and the entire Gambian populace for their unflinching support most notably during the impasse. He urged Gambians to shy away from tribalism and jealously guide the peace love people we are known the country for.

Author: Sankulleh Janko
Source: Picture: Amat Bah,Tourism Minister