Amadou Samba Reappears before Janneh Commission

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Amadou Samba was yesterday recalled by the Janneh Commission and reminded that he had earlier told the commission that he had nothing to do with the sale of Gamveg Oil Company Ltd. and that Mr. Mazagi was responsible.

He said he did not sign any document, further stating that he was never involved in the whole transaction.

Mr. Samba told the commission that there was nothing to show that he was part of the transaction, adding that everything was negotiated in his absence.

He said that the transaction was fake accomplice.

He adduced that one could not dare stand in the way of the former president; further noting that he had no choice.

At this juncture, he was referred to some letters, which he said he was seeing them for the first time.

Mr. Samba posited that Mr. Bazzi brought the contract for him to sign, adding that it was almost consummated.

He testified that his signature was not on the work about resolution, and that he was against the contract.

He adduced that he did not talk to the members of the board of SSHFC to raise concerns, adding that it was risky to have done so.

Mr. Samba disclosed that the former president had told him that he did not send Pa Bojang for SSHFC to lend KGI $2,000,000, and this was why he told the board members to return the money.

He testified that he was aware that the former president owned the Kairaba Beach Hotel, further noting that he was the chairman of the board of the hotel after it was bought by MA Karafi.

He posited that he was never invited by the former president when the hotel was being sold, adding that documents for the sale of the hotel were signed by Lawyer Edward Gomez.

Mr. Samba revealed that he and his partners bought Sun Beach Hotel.

He stated that all decisions concerning Kairaba Beach Hotel were made by Baba Jobe, who bought it from Side Gambia Investment Ltd.

He said it was the general manger, Robert Aswanden and Baba Jobe who were doing everything concerning the running of the hotel, further indicating that it was Side Gambia Investment Ltd. that sold the hotel to Baba Jobe.

Mr. Samba stated that Baba Jobe and Lang Conteh transferred their shares of the hotel to the former president’s company called the Millennium Industrial Trading Ltd.

He was asked how he knew that the former president owned the Millennium Industrial Trading Ltd. and he said he made some research, and that his lawyer, Mary Samba, also made some documents available to him in connection to the said company.

Mr. Samba was then asked whether he was close associate of the former president, but he said that “if you associate with the former president in business, he would take all the money.”

He said he was just a friend to the former president, adding that he was involved in cement and fisheries business.

He testified that the former president found him already established in business.

Mr. Samba told the commission that the former president would make unnecessary demands and would never pay back, further stating that the former president used him for his advantage.

He revealed that he wanted to leave the country because he felt that it was risky to stay here, and that he feared for his life.

He testified that he had never managed the former president’s properties but he managed in hardship under his government.

Mr. Samba adduced that he had never sat with the former president to discuss Kairaba Beach Hotel, adding that everything was centred between Baba Jobe and Robert Aswanden, the general manager.

He said that it was Aswanden who told him that the stock was not part of the sale of the hotel.

He denied that Boto Sonko had sat with him and discussed the sale of the hotel, adding that it was Mr. Aswanden who took Mr. Sonko to his lawyer, Mary Samba.

He was asked whether he had business with the former president or worked with him, and he answered in the negative, noting further that the former president never involved him in his business.

He denied that the former president gave him $9,000,000 to transfer.

Mr. Samba confirmed that he went to the Office of the former President and they used to speak on the phone, stating further that they only had social relation.

He revealed that he supported APRC financially and was also a party member, adding that the former president would engaged him when he needed foreign currencies.

Mr. Samba said that he never knew that one day he would face such a commission.

Author: Dawda Faye