Alumni improves enrolled families’ awareness on sponsorship

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Former sponsored children of Ding-Ding Yiriwa; a Child-Fund The Gambia affiliated federation in Kombo North and South Districts, over the weekend organised a day long quiz competition for enrolled families/children of the Federation in Sanyang village.

The competition targets to improve the enrolled childrens’ understanding of the Federation and the Child-Fund sponsorship programme. Over 50 enrolled and sponsored children of different life stages participated in answering questions that were mainly related to the works and functions of the federation.

Prizes include exercise books, set-box, dictionaries, buckets, colored-pencils, towels, school bags, toothpastes, pair of shoes and watches.

Speaking on behalf of the Federation manager, sponsor relations officer Buba Jatta reminded families of their duty in strengthening the sponsorship programme of the federation which, he said can only be achieved when parents and children are active towards the sponsorship activities of the federation.

He added that the federation has decided to come up with programmes that are mainly going to be facilitated by its ex-sponsored children alumni association. “One of the core working objectives of the federation is to create future development opportunities for sponsored and enrolled children and to hand over certain sponsorship responsibilities to them for the advancement of the federation’s support programmes.”

He said the Federation can at any time rely on its ex-sponsored children for any of its meaningful programmes for sponsorship development. “So, this is the moment that you should be determined to make sure there is progress in the sponsorship activities of the federation.”

Omar Sanneh, chairman of the ex-sponsored children alumni association thanked the Federation for giving them the opportunity to participate in the improvement of the Federation, saying it is their mandate as ex-sponsored children of the Federation to help in the successful implementation of the Federation’s sponsorship programmes.

Author: Yusupha Jobe