All Gambia Forestry Platform plants over 500,000 mangrove saplings in LRR

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

All Gambia Forestry Platform, in collaboration with the communities of Niro Jataba in the Lower River Region and some members of cross border associations last Saturday planted five hundred thousand mangrove seedlings at Jataba River Site, where the project is piloted.

The project was supported by Nema-chosso under the Ministry of Agriculture and implemented by All Gambia Forestry Platform.

Coordinator of All Gambia Forestry Platform Ebrima Camara said the project targets to restore fifty hectares of land within four communities, three of which are in the West Coast Region and one the in Lower River Region.

Mr. Camara spoke on the importance of restoration of mangroves as they have lot of benefits such as halt salt intrusion, sea erosion and domestic purposes. He urged the community of Niro Jataba to take ownership of the planted seedlings, reminding them that they are the direct beneficiaries of the mangroves. He further challenged the communities to ensure the sustainability of the mangrove.

He also commended the participating communities for participating in the exercise, saying that is a sign of commitment in the restoration of the environment.

President of All Gambia Forestry Platform Seeku Janko underscored the importance of the exercise, saying they decided to do the planting taking into consideration that The Gambia’s natural resources are fast disappearing.

Mr. Janko thanked the community of Niro Jataba and by extension Nema- Chosso Project for their foresight in supporting the initiative. He said All Gambia Forestry Platform is committed in the restoration of the country’s lost forest cover.

Ebrima O. Jallow, president of the National Livestock Owner Association said restoration of mangrove would go a long way in supporting the communities, which he said, requires collective effort.