Alkaloship saga grips Bansang

Friday, December 07, 2018

The reappointment of Alhagie Lamin Saibeh Darboe as alkalo of Central River Region’s south town of Bansang has annoyed some residents of the community, who said they are hugely dissatisfied by the decision.

Mr. Darboe told The Point’s CRR correspondent in Bansang that his reappointment was recommended by some elders of the community to the chief. He said the chief from the regional governor’s office handed him his reappointment letter.

He said his target would focus on infrastructure, calling on the people of Bansang to support him for the progress of the town.

But reacting to the alkalo, Bakary B. Kora denied Mr. Darboe’s assertion, saying four of them applied for the alkaloship but nothing was ever heard of until when he heard about Mr. Darboe’s appointment.

 He said out of 750 compounds of more than 10,000 inhabitants in Bansang, only few elderly persons decided on Mr. Darboe’s appointment, arguing that was not possible.

One of the position’s applicants, Jali Musa Barji said the authorities disappointed him when the news of Mr. Darboe’s appointment reached him.

Some of the town’s young people told our correspondent that Mr. Darboe’s appointment as alkalo was not fairly done, saying that Bansang is a town and therefore, people of Bansang need to have somebody who is fairly appointed but not in this manner.

Mr. Darboe was the alkalo of Bansang town from 1996 to 2007 but the former government later dismissed him after he was involved in cattle theft accusation.

He was later charged with conspiracy in cattle theft, prosecuted at the Bansang Magistrates’ Court and later granted bail by travelling Magistrate Amadou Baldeh.

Before being granted bail, police prosecutor, CPL Colley, called in two witnesses to give evidence, namely Momodou Salieu Touray and Detective Fatty, a police officer at the Bansang Police Station.

Author: Ousman Jallow