Albaraca Nursery School celebrates 20 years existence

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Albaraca Nursery School in Sukuta under the U.K. Trustee recently celebrates 20 years of existence after the school was established in 1997.

Speaking on the celebration ground, John Adnitt the chairman of the U.K. Trustee with delight thanked the teachers, students and as well as the parents and the sponsors for taking part in the development of the school.

“When we first came up with the idea of building a nursery school in The Gambia in 1997, we were lucky enough to get a land from a guy who was ready to sell us part of his compound for a very reasonable price” he said.

He revealed that they found it challenging at first to find good and qualified teachers to educate the children in the school but they were fortunate to get well trained teachers from the very beginning who were ready to work with accordingly with the school authority

“The late head teacher of the school Mrs. Fatou kebbeh started handling the school in 2002 and she did a wonderful job until she died suddenly in 2011, but we were very much lucky that she trained the present head teacher of the school Mr. Salieu Baldeh who managed the school very well up to date” he added.

To the teachers, Mr. Adnitt urged them to take care of the children as they are entrusted under their care for the day and they need to be kept safe, treated with love teach them to have respect for one and other.

For his part, Salieu Baldeh, the head teacher of the school said that the people that he took duty from have done extremely well in the development of the school which made his job easier.

“The students that have gone through this school were all well trained and this contributed in their success in their educational life and a good number of them are now in the University of the Gambia and other tertiary institutions” he added.

Author: Fatou B. Cham