Alagie Massembeh denies baby dumping accusation

Friday, June 28, 2019

Alagie Masembeh Jabbie has strongly refuted claims as ridiculous and unfounded that he authorised an 11-year-old girl to throw a baby into the toilet.

He told The Pont that the accusation was totally false and that it was meant to tarnish his name.

Explaining the issue, he said that he received a call from one of his relatives Abdoulie Jiffarong, while coming from a traditional marriage ceremony at Massembeh in Kiang, informing him that he (Alagie’s) niece’s baby had been thrown into a toilet and “my father wanted to see you.”

“When I got the news, I asked my driver to immediately drive me to Abdoulies’s father and we found people being gathered and with conviction that the child was dead,” he said. “Alagie Karanba Jiffaroong asked me to take my niece home to console her as they arrange for burial proceedings.”

“From there, people informed Alagie Karamba Jiffarong that the child was rescued by the Fire and Rescue Services and he was alive,” he narrated. “Alagie later told me to escort my niece to go and see for herself that her baby is alive, which we did and we took the baby to the hospital.”

He explained that after he left the hospital for his home in Jara Soma, during the night, Abdoulie Jiffarong’s driver came with two CID officers and said I was needed at the police.

At the police station, a CID officer Omar Sanneh asked the young girl whether she knows Alagie Saidy, and she responded in the affirmative. He later asked whether this was Alagie Jabbie? And girl kept silent for a while but the CID officer threatened to slap her if she speaks not and the girl said yes.

According to Alagie Massembeh Jabbie, the CID further asked the girl about which day she was told to do this act and she said three days earlier, and that the accused Jabbie called her through the baby mother’s phone and asked her to throw the baby in exchange of a laptop and a mobile phone.

“From there, the police detained me and took all my phones to find out whether I called the girl or not. When they investigated the case, they found no evidence and apologised me.”