Agric Ministry begins nationwide tour

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture on Monday began a weeklong nationwide tour to meet its extension workers, farmers and livestock dealers.

The tour which started at Medina Sering Mass in the North Bank Region is designed to gather firsthand information about the challenges, loopholes and successes of farmers in the country among others.

Speaking at the first meeting, Minister Amie Fabureh said that they were aware of some of the challenges faced by farmers, adding that one of main reasons for the tour was to hear directly from the farmers and livestock dealers.

“We as a ministry are trying all we could to solve all or most of the challenges faced by farmers and livestock dealers,” she assured.

According to her, as the minister of Agriculture, her priority is to look into the problems of farmers and find a way to solving most of them. She thanked the Nema project which helps both farmers and livestock dealers by bringing water to them.

One of the problems she acknowledged farmers face is fertilizer, indicating that President Adama Barrow’s government has provided fertilizer for farmers, which now comes earlier on time and at cheaper cost. She pointed that a bag of fertilizer costs more than thousand dalasi but the government pays half of that cost to peg it at a reasonable price of D600 for farmers.

For his part, Dr. Abdou Ceesay, director general, Department of Livestock, spoke on the importance of the tour, adding that the ministry is working tirelessly on solving most of the problems faced by farmers and most especially livestock dealers.

“We know that one of biggest problems faced by livestock farmers is food for feeding and land space.”  He said that the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with Department of Livestock and Forestry are looking at ways of solving this particular problem faced by livestock farmers.

Fatou Gaye, who spoke on behalf of women farmers in Medina Sering Mass, said they were pleased with the minister of Agriculture’s visit, but was quick to reveal that the biggest problem they face is lack of water.

“We suffer a lot with lack of water and most times it delays cooking at our homes.”

She called on the government to help both farmers and livestock dealers so that they have space for the livestock so as to have peace in their communities.

Mass Khan, alkalo of Medina Sering Mass, after welcoming the minister and the entourage, also disclosed that the women farmers were very happy with the appointment of Amie Fabureh as Agriculture minister.

He also acknowledged that farmers are faced with many challenges ranging from climate change, water, fertilizer and land space for their livestock.

“We really appreciate and thank Nema for their water project in the community through the Agriculture minister. But we want the Agriculture minister to do more for our community as our challenges are too much.”he challenged.

The community of Medina Sering Mass also showed their appreciation for the Nema project in their community and gave the entourage a bull as a kind gesture.