Agric. Minister presents bags of rice to women at Denton Bridge

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Agriculture Minister Amie Fabureh, on Saturday handed over 162 bags of rice to winnow women at Denton Bridge, with each of them receiving 2 bags.

The food supply was donated by the People’s’ Republic of China. The presentation was attended by senior officials from the ministry of Agriculture.

Minister Fabureh said, women are part of the society and vulnerable, saying they get their livelihood from winnowing groundnut cells to sustain their families.

Asked why it takes too long to give out this rice to farmers, minister Fabureh told journalists that it has to go through clearance from the ports which has to do with some paperwork.

She said there have been some rumors that the rice is expired, but confirmed that as false, saying the label on the bags is the date the rice was produced. “Be confident to use the rice. It has no harm. It has all the nutrient content which is even better than the rice they are selling at the market.”

Author: Njie Baldeh