Agony of Ida Jagne, another victim on the night Deyda was killed

Monday, December 18, 2017

It has been 13 years since that fateful day in 2004 when I was given lift home by Deyda Hydara late in the evening from The Point office on Garba Jahumpa Road. As soon as we entered, the road near the Sankung Sillah factory in Kanifing, I noticed a car trying to overtake us and suddenly I heard what sounded like gunfire.

Bullets started hitting our car, apparently aimed directly at Deyda and our car skidded on the side of the road and I saw Deyda slumps on the steering wheel, apparently hit by several bullets. Both my colleague Niansarang Jobe and I were also hit by bullets on various parts of our bodies while Deyda was fatally injured.

Whoever was behind that cowardly act was no doubt executing a well-calculated plan. While there is still no indication who was responsible, but what is still hard to understand is why the former government was never serious in investigating the matter.

However, now that there is a new dispensation, we are all anxiously looking forward to a thorough investigation to determine who was responsible and why anyone would want to kill a harmless man like the late Deyda Hydara. To me and no doubt to Deyda’s family and friends, it had been 13 long years of agony. I wish to take this opportunity to once again thank all those who over the years sympathized with all of us directly affected as well as supported the Hydara family come to terms with the loss of their dear one.

Source: Picture: Ida Jagne