Africare Group wrestling competition set for Sunday

Thursday, November 02, 2017

The national wrestling competition to be staged by the Africare Group Limited is set to take place on Sunday 5 November 2017 at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

The combats, which will future both mbapat and borehdorr targets 256 wrestlers.

According to Marie Sock, CEO of Afri Care Group Limited, the combats will future heavy weight, medium weight and light weight categories.

She added that the winner of the heavy weight category will be rewarded with D35, 000 and 2 bulls. The runner-up will receive D20, 000 and a bull while the third place occupant will walk home with D10, 000.

In the medium weight category, she said, the winner will pocket D20, 000 and a bull. Second place will receive D15, 000 while third place will get D10, 000.

The light weight category winner will be rewarded with D15, 000 and a bull. The runner-up prize will be D10, 000 while third place prize will be D5, 000.

She explained that the grand combat will future Gambian wrestler Ginneh Morreh against Onde Le Fou of Senegal.

She disclosed that the platform is meant for Gambian youths to participate and showcase their talent.

According to her, a registration form to take part in the competition is D100, adding that the reason they attached a price tag to the form is that they want serious people who want to make wrestling a career because some people do not take competitions seriously and only come for the money.

“You have to spend money to make money,” she remarked, noting that wrestlers that want to take part in the competition need to also get their license from the federation before the day.

Ms Sock highlighted that the reason for staging the combats is that she wants to expose opportunities to youths because not everyone can sit behind a desk.

She pointed out that it is also way for the wrestlers to showcase their talents and worth through culture.

She noted that she has also realized that there are a lot of boys who dropped out of school due to financial difficulties and other reasons and thus take up the ‘back-way’ to Europe and in some instances found it difficult to make it there.

She also said that she hopes the platform will provide an opportunity for young Gambians to become regional and international wrestlers.

She called on everyone to support the event because it is about empowering young people.

She thanked supporters of the event, the flag bearers that have accepted their flags from President Adama Barrow, Honourable Darboe, Youth and Sports Minister, and Minister, Tourism and Culture.

Njie Sasudeh, member of the organising committee, described the combat between Ginneh Mori and Andulafu as one that was going to interesting as Ginneh Mori is a champion when it comes to Gambian wrestling.

He revealed that ticket prices for uncovered pavilion are D100, Covered D200 and VIP D500.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: Ginneh Morreh, Onde Le Fou and event organiser CEO Marie Sock