African Export Business Skills Center excites GYCC

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Members of Gambia Youth Chamber of Commerce –GYCC- says they are excited by the activities of African Export Business Skills Center at Dippa Kunda where they recently visited to see how they are preparing young entrepreneurs for the future.

As part of their mandate to serve as the voice of young entrepreneurs and empowering young people in business in The Gambia, GYCC members were invited by Aunty Mariama Njie, Proprietress of African Export Business Skills Center to see what she was doing and offering to the country’s young entrepreneurs, including GYCC members.

At the sidelines of the visit, Anuty Mariama Njie told the Point how she formed the skills center and some of the challenges she has been encountering since day one. “The skills centre was founded in 2014 with the aim to create room for young people to be empowered in the business. We are providing training in batik, brick laying and tailoring,” she said.

Madam Njie is currently employing 20 youth from different sectors in her family compound at Dippa Kunda.

She highlighted finance as one of the biggest challenges she is facing since the establishment of the skills center, saying, “I don’t have support. I am doing everything by myself.”

She said she badly needs sponsor(s) because she wanted to transfer the center to a bigger space, saying she has already purchased land.

Chief executive officer of GYCC Baboucarr Kebbeh revealed their visit was meant to discuss a possible partnership. “GYCC will continue to provide support to the young people with opportunities and other capacity gaps highlighted during our meeting,” he said.

Author: Pa Modou Cham