Activists ask gov’t to create employment opportunities for youth to curb involvement in criminal acts

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Youth activists in the country have urged government to created more employment opportunities and skills centres for the youth to curtail their involvement in criminal enterprises and the devastating back-way (irregular migration) Europe through high seas.

They said creation of economic Empowerment for young people would enable them to contribute to nation building.

Lamin Jammeh, a Jambanjelly-based activist challenged government to create more employment opportunities and skills centres to prevent them from engaging in drug abuse and other criminal activities.

He said young people are the potential work force of the country‘s development and should be empowered to contribute to the national development.

“I think authorities should re-double their efforts to create platforms that would enable the youth to earn decent living and discourage them from taking on the back-way to Europe,” he said.

Mr. Jammeh said it is lack of job opportunities and hardship on young people in the country that is forcing thousands of them to embark on irregular migration in attempt to better their lives in which some of them would meet their death.

He said if there are abundant employment opportunities available in the country, young people will not engage in the risk journey to Europe in search of better living condition.

Pa Abdou Saidy, also a youth activist in Brikama said young people are significant constituent in the country and government should try to establish more kills centres for them where they can learn several skills to better their living condition.

“Establishing skill centres in all the regions in the country will help youth to learn skills and create job opportunities to prevent them from involving in criminal activities and other social vices,’’ he said.

He said lack of job opportunities force youth to engage in enterprises that can harm their lives.

Bubacarr Jatta from  Kartong in Kombo South challenged authorities to equip youth with skills to engage into something that will improve their living condition and also prevent them from involving in criminal activities. “Government should encourage youth who are engage in farming and fishing to use it as their source of income,” he pointed out.

Karim Sey said youth are vital component in the development of the country and government should direct more attention to them to realize their objectives.

He stated that majority of youth embark on the back-way journey to Europe due to lack of employment opportunities and inadequate skills.

“Government should try to create more opportunities for youth to stop them from resorting to the Atlantic Ocean to Europe for better living condition,” Mr. Sey said.

He said government should support youth who are engaged in farming, fishing, business and entrepreneurship to maintain their professional.