Activista sensitizes Bakoteh residents on democracy, elections

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Activista – The Gambia, Monday sensitized the community of Bakoteh on issues around democracy and elections.

The aim of the gathering was to promote regional inter-generational dialogue among stakeholders, youth, women leaders, elders and local government authorities. The dialogues team also held various community sensitisations across the country to enhance the democratization process through youth leadership and participation.

The National Endowment funded the dialogue for Democracy held at Bakoteh youth center.

Two weeks ago, Activista conducted an inter-school debate competition to raise awareness of young people to be good public speakers and debaters.

Activista Kanifing Municipality focal person Baboucarr Kebbeh said the event was meant to awaken communities to understand the roles of their leaders and to hold them accountable. “In our societies today, immediately after elections apart from the elite class on social media, majority of our communities are not aware of the roles and responsibilities of government at local level,” he said, adding that it is crucial that they were able to reach out to communities and engage them.

Mr. Kebbeh noted that the dialogues would serve as eye opener to authorities and also electorates. He said leaders should go by the voices of the people who elected them into office to ensure that electorates are able to hold their leaders to account based on the trust and confidence they have in them by electing them.

He emphasised the need to check the country’s education system, saying the first government was looking for quality education while the second was looking for access to education, which has undermined quality. “What is Barrow’s administration bringing?” He quizzed.

Saikou Kawsu Gassama, PhD Political Science student at the University of Technology in Malaysia said it is through dialogue that exchange of ideas can take place, adding that it is where youth can have courage to demand and raise issues of their participation in front of elders.

He said it came out during the discussions that many youth felt they are left out, saying it is good that youth are trying to look at where things are going wrong for them and how they can solve them. “Youth were not also afraid to come out and raise issues affecting them as well as their participation in politics and within their communities.”  

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb