Activista organises inter-school Debate competition to enhance Democracy

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Activista Kanifing Municipality chapter Friday organised Secondary Schools inter-schools drama competition at the President’s International Award in Bakau.

The competition featured Kanifing East, Kairaba, Kotu and Nusrat Senior Secondary Schools in a debate on the topic “This House Believes President Barrow should serve for 3years.”

Omar Danso, Activista project coordinator said Activista is a global leadership network with presence in 30 countries influencing young people to run for political positions and provides unique opportunity for youth to engage in local and global change making.

He said the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) sponsors the competition aiming at sensitising young people on democracy and youth involvement in decision-making processes. “The Debate competition will contribute in the enhancement of democracy in the country through engaging the targeted schools to discuss arising issues and disseminating the information to their family levels.”

Mr. Danso said young people are future leaders and have important roles to play in the democratic process as they form 65% of Gambia’s population. “Young people at first believe that politics is for the elders but the cycle has been broken in the last presidential election. By engaging in “Not Too Young to Run” campaign in the recent political situation, youth are now involving themselves in politics.

He urged participants not to see the event as a competition but a contribution of their voices in the process.

Babucarr Kebbeh, a member of Activista said the debate targets to educate and raise awareness among young people and to enable them to acquire skills in public speaking.

He believes that some of the participating students will someday become National Assembly members and their participation in the day will help accomplish their effort in public speaking, influencing the government in decision making and help them in their engagement with their communities.

Mustapha Kah from Debate Gambia said debate is an important concept in life, saying as an organization, Debate Gambia want to take the country’s young debaters to international level. “There are lots of talents in The Gambia which need to be nurtured.”

He called on schools and teachers to count on them in training young people to empower and nurture their talents, saying as Debate Gambia is on the move, they organise weekly debates on the Fatou Network.

Author: Rose Zahra Gomez