Action Plan on National Framework for Climate Services validated

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The Department of Water Resources under the Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources recently concluded a two day validation workshop on the Action Plan of The Gambia’s National Framework for Climate Services.

With funding from the ECOWAS and World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), the country in 2019 established The Gambia’s National Framework for Climate Services (NFCS) which resulted in the development of an action plan of the NFCS of The Gambia.

James F.P. Gomez, minister of Fisheries and Water Resources, said that the government of The Gambia is committed to reducing poverty and enhancing the well-being of its population.

“The commitment is driven by National Development Plan 2018-2021 in view of the increase of certain climate part due to climate change,” he said.

Mr. Gomez stated that the Department of Water Resources under his ministry will continue to place significant emphasis on observing, monitoring and predicting the weather, climate and water resources of the country.

“Climate change and water resources data have little meaning in the absence of continued, accurate and reliable data of the impacted sectors,” he pointed out.

Dr. Pascal Yaka, Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), regional coordinator, elaborated on the purpose of the NFCS, saying it is meant to coordinate and enable institutions to work together to co-design and to co-produce.

He said it is also meant to communicate, deliver and make use of climate services for decision-making in climate-sensitive socio-economic sectors.

“This framework will contribute to generate a census and awareness amongst stakeholders about the benefits of investment in weather, water and climate change and early warning systems to sustain the socio and economic development of The Gambia,” he added.

Blessing Chika Chuke of ECOWAS Commission said that ECOWAS commission is committed to continuing the process of supporting its member states in the implementation of their national framework for climate services by the WMO.

“This support aims to cover the remaining 10 countries of The ECOWAS member states that are waiting to set up their national framework for climate services in synergy with the secretariat of GFCS,” she said.

Author: Fatou B. Cham