Abdoulaye Wade urges compatriots to boycott presidential election

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Speaking in France, in his home residence, Versaille, the former president of Senegal – 93-year-old Abdoulay Wade has urged his compatriots to boycott the forthcoming presidential elections slated for the 24th of February, 2019.

“President Macky Sall will win the elections by 55 to 60 percent of the votes in the first round because already he has placed mechanism to rig the elections. He eliminated his two serious rivals to the race of the presidency namely; my son Karim Wade, and former mayor of Dakar, khalifa Sall,” he said.

He added that Mr. Sall accused them of misuse of government funds. Karim was previously jailed for about four years and now in exile in Qater and later pardoned by President Sall and the former mayor, Khalifa Sall is serving jail sentence of five years.

“They were eliminated by the constitutional court who said they were not eligible to stand for elections. Another obstacle that President Sall made was to introduce patronage of voters, asking every candidate to have 53 000 signatory voters who signed their support to a candidate countrywide.”

He explained that Mr. Sall made it difficult that at least with the 14 regions, one must have 7 regions where people can back his/her candidature. It was extremely difficult for many aspirants who were finally eliminated in the race only 5 of them qualified. They are the incumbent Macky Sall, Madike Nyang, Ousman Sonko, Idrissa Seck, and Issa Sall.

“I am appealing once again for the interest of democracy that the electoral code should be reviewed because currently president Macky Sall amended the electoral laws last year to suit him to win easily the election.”

For me, I will not support any presidential candidate and I advocate for no election February 24th  2019 because it is not in the interest of the nation and democracy. President Sall wants the country to plunge in riot, he wants to destabilise the country by imposing dictatorship.”

Ex-president Wade will arrive in Dakar today at 3 p.m. after two years in absentia. According to sources; Mr. Wade said he would make sure there will be no election on 24 February 2019.