A show of condolence and love

Friday, September 08, 2017

The Gambia Government has demonstrated concern and love for the people and Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone, following the catastrophic mudslide and flash flood that occurred in that country about three weeks ago, precisely on 14 August this year, causing more than 500 deaths, destroying massive amount of properties and leaving over 7,000 people affected and homeless.

This agony and pain to a sister nation is also shared by people and nations around the world including The Gambia, which caused the Gambia government to send a high powered delegation headed by the Information minister to the President of Sierra Leone, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma and his government to express our grief and condolence with the people of Sierra Leone.

The delegation, which returned home to The Gambia on Friday 1 September after a two-day visit to that country, became grief tourists when they were taken to the epicenter of the area the mudslide occurred. 

We would therefore like to commend the Barrow government and the delegation that went to Sierra Leone for that show of condolence, solidarity and brotherhood extended to the people of Sierra Leone on behalf of all Gambians home and abroad.  Please keep up this humanitarian spirit and do extend the same to all nations and humankinds, as we should always endeavour to be our brothers’ keeper.

Sierra Leone is a sister country; we have our brothers and sisters there as there are also many Sierra Leones living in The Gambia. We are therefore one people only separated by geographical location and colonial demarcation. What affects Sierra Leone affects The Gambia. Need we mention the devastating Ebola crisis about two to three years ago, that gravely affected not only Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry and Liberia, but also our very Gambia and economy via our tourism industry.

Similar show of solidarity and brotherhood was extended by our former President, who contributed to the fight against the Ebola epidemic in these countries in kind and cash sharing with them each US$500,000.  So The Gambia should continue to give a helping hand to other nations, especially to our neighbours, and we shall continue to be rewarded by the Almighty Allah, as it is said: blessed is the hand that giveth.

Once again we say keep up the good omen and we shall continue to be given the grace and the fortitude to meet and overcome our own challenges as a nation and individuals.

“Solidarity is an attitude of resistance, I suppose, or it should be.”

Christopher Hitchens