A glowing tribute to late Deyda

Friday, December 15, 2017

Tomorrow will mark 13 years since late Deyda Hydara, the co-proprietor and managing editor of The Point Newspaper was slain and still suspects are yet to face justice.

Gambian authorities last may issued an arrest warrant for two suspects, Ex-colonel Kawsu Camara known as Bonbardier – a former commander of the Kanilia Camp and Major Sanna Manjnag, an ex-State Guard officer.

Prior to the issuance of the arrest warrant, the rumour mill had it that Ex-major Sana Manjang had been living in the neighbouring country of Guinea Bissau.

Mr. Hydara who lived to serve humanity was gunned down in cold blood for defending press freedom and giving chance to the voiceless to be heard. He did not live for the sake of living, but devoted his life to ensure human dignity – that all men are created equal and that those inalienable rights of man be respected.

His profound idea, together with a friend, Pap Saine, now the director of the paper came in the name of giving the voiceless the voice and the downtrodden the hope. The two men were not ideological in anyway, but they had an unyielding belief that the better way to serve humanity was to create a medium that would pinpoint the wrongs in the society and put the governors accountable to their subjects.    

Mr. Hydara, the co-founder and managing editor of The Point was born on June 1947. He was killed in Dec. 16, 2004. And as the media industry prepares to mark the 13 years of his killing, Mr. Hydara’s records and personality will remain with us as a ‘Living Mirror.’

“He was gunned down in cold blood for contributing in meeting the needs and aspiration of the Gambian people and humanity at large, through the discharge of his professional duty as a journalist,” Pap Saine said of late Mr. Hydara.

“Our only comfort was that he died for his ideals,” said Marie-Pierre Hydara, the daughter of late Mr. Hydara. “Whatever purpose Deyda’s killing was for, it has failed flat. Because if it was meant to silence the press, some are fighting tooth and nail to get us the justice we or he deserve,” she said.

The Hydara family and the management of The Point are appealing to the authorities to work with Interpol to have these suspects repatriated and face justice without delay.

We also remember Niansarang Jobe and Ida Jagne who were wounded in the car in which Deyda was killed. They will always be remembered.

As tomorrow marks the 26th anniversary of the The Point Newspaper, the management of The Point wishes to thank the staff for the commitment and dedication they have demonstrated in the course of press freedom.

The paper over past years made big achievements by winning international wards on press freedom. The Point won an award in 2006, in Germany, Australia in 2010 and in South Africa and Zambia respectively in 2014.

The paper is bilingual and has taken a leading role in the market as a result of our stance for democracy, good governance and war against corruption.

“When the new becomes commonplace, people become accustomed to it. That’s a tribute to our sense of adventure.”
John Glenn