95 officers, soldiers to be transferred to sister forces

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Spokesperson of The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) Major Lamin K Sanyang have revealed that GAF has been ordered by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to redeploy 95 soldiers and officers to sister forces who are struggling with capacity gap following the government’s decision to place a moratorium on recruitment.

The mass redeployment is in reaction to a cabinet decision on the request made by the Ministry of Interior on behalf of the various departments including the police force, immigration department, fire and rescue services and drug law enforcement agency.

Sanyang said the defence ministry wrote to them asking them to redeploy the soldiers and officers to the police and other departments. “We have started the process. We called them on Monday to brief them about this development. Among them are both officers and soldiers. The total is 95, and 86 among them are police officers,” he told the Point in an interview.

He said the officers in question moved to the Army through departmental transfer based on the directive of former president, Yahya Jammeh. “After the new dispensation came, there has been a moratorium on recruitment for GAF and the Interior which has affected some sister forces in terms of human resources capacity gap. As a result of that, they requested through the cabinet for the Ministry of Defence to get their people back.”

President Adama Barrow last year announced that the army would be downsized as part of security reforms. But according to Major Sanyang, the redeployment of security personnel back to their original forces was not meant to downsize the army.

Author: Momodou Jawo