8 appointed Judges introduced

Friday, November 03, 2017

Eight newly-appointed Judges of the Superior Courts of The Gambia by President Adama Barrow were yesterday introduced to members of the Gambia Bar Association, judiciary staff and the general public in a colourful ceremony held at the Judiciary complex at the Independence Drive in Banjul.

The Chief Justice, Hassan B. Jallow, disclosed that the newly-appointed Judges have demonstrated wisdom, knowledge and experience in their dealings and decorum.

He assured the gathering that he had no doubts that these qualities that they have demonstrated would impact in their various disciplines.

He pointed out that the judiciary has a crucial responsibility in the society, adding that justice delayed is justice denied.

The Chief Justice said the appointment of these judges would ensure that cases are disposed off expeditiously, so as the judiciary does not become a centre for the frustration of litigants.

He disclosed that all judges at the high court have been directed to take criminal cases despite the fact that are handling civil cases.

He enjoined the Attorney General’s Chambers and the National Agency for Legal Aid to work judiciously with the bench, adding that they have a role to play in the administration of justice.

In his remark, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubacarr Tambadou congratulated the newly-appointed judges of the superior courts, noting that their appointment by President Adama Barrow was a demonstration of the government ideas on the Gambianisation of the judiciary.

He said the Ministry of Justice would continue to encourage competent Gambians from the Bar to serve on the bench.

He also said the Justice Ministry would assign all state counsels to serve in different parts of the country in order to compliment the effort of the judiciary.

Lawyer Rachel Y. Mendy, the president of the Gambia Bar Association congratulated the newly-appointed and elevated Judges.

She pointed out that the Gambia Bar Association’s quest was to uphold the constitution and have an independent judiciary, adding that the relation between the Bench and the Bar would continue to remain cordial so as to ensure that the judicial system develops peacefully.

Justice Awa Bah, the newly-appointed president of the Gambia Court of Appeal (PCA), disclosed that her appointment as the new PCA was an added responsibility considering the fact that she has been deemed fit to take up the job.

She promised that she would do her utmost best to execute her duties and responsibilities as the President of the Court of Appeal (PCA).

She expressed confidence that her colleagues at the bench would support her in making sure that justice is delivered.

Justice Haddy Roche, the newly-appointed Justice of the Court of Appeal delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of the newly-appointed judges of the Court of Appeal and Justice Zainab Jawara Alami delivered the vote of thanks on behalf of the newly-appointed high court judges.

The newly-appointed Judges are Justice Awa Bah, president, Gambia Court of Appeal, Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara, justice of the Court of the Appeal, Justice Basiru B.V.P. Mahoney, Justice of the Court of Appeal, Justice Haddy Cecilia Roche, Justice of the Court of Appeal.

Justice Zainab Jawara Alami, Judge of the High Court, Justice Sainabou Wadda Cisse, Judge of the High Court, Justice Buba Jawo, Judge of the High Court and Justice Ebrima Ba Jaiteh, Judge of the High Court.

Author: Bruce Asemota