6 workers resign at Nissim Fishmeal factory

Friday, December 14, 2018

At least 6 workers with the Mauritanian-owned fishmeal processing factory at Sanyang village have Wednesday resigned for what they called ‘unfavourable change of a working environment’ and delay in payment of their allowances.

The workers, who quit were: Musa Jallow, Yaya Saidy, Wuyeh Manjang, Momodou Bah, Sanna Saidy and Albino Dacosta.

The latest twist of events came amidst continuing protest by villagers against disposing of liquid waste by Nissim company.

Speaking to The Point, Musa Jallow, one of those who quit, said they have decided to quit the factory based on unfavourable working condition and delay in receiving their allowances.

“It is true that we are not yet given employment letters by the factory for receiving salary entitlements. But that should not affect our payment of allowances for a long period. For almost two months I have not received my allowances.”

Jallow indicated that based on the foregoing, he couldn’t continue working with the factory, when his financial benefits are not respected coupled with unfavourable working condition.

“We are having our families and the factory cannot just tell us that our working place is now going to be changed to Banjul. And we have to stay there, so how can we leave our families behind?”

Yaya Saidy, a skilled worker with the company, pointed out that he couldn’t afford to leave his family behind for days working in Banjul at their new work place.

Sheriff K. Bojang, a senior supervisor at the fishmeal factory, confirmed the development, saying one of the reasons for changing their working environment from Sanyang to Banjul is for them to work at a flour milling company, which is also owned by the same factory.

This move, he added, was as a result of hostile environment factory staff faced at Sanyang.

The company, he added, is only a year old and that in order to meet some of its environmental regulations, it couldn’t afford to meet all the financial obligations at once.

He revealed that both GRA and the Labour Department were contacted when the company was preparing to employ and pay the social security dues of the workers.

“That was the moment it was closed down by authorities for certain company regulations. We have experienced a lot of loses due to the closed down of the fishmeal company for failing to meet some environmental guidelines. Despite that we have been trying a lot in making sure that some of their entitlements as workers are fulfilled. So them resigning from the company to me has no reason,” he added.

Author: Yusupha Jobe