6 students graduate at Hunain Foundation Boarding School on Qur’anic memorisation

Friday, August 23, 2019

A total of six students who were on Qur’anic memorisation studies at Hunain Foundation Boarding school has graduated, this week.

Addressing the graduates, Principal Sheikh Osman Camara thanked teachers and parents for their mutual support, saying the school enrol both boys and girls to promote Qur’anic education and subjects related to the Islamic religion.

According to him, they always conduct daily Islamic talks after Zuhr prayers that discuss current affairs affecting the country and the Muslim Ummah. “For the past years, the school has produced students who memorised the Holy Qur’an. We admit students from nursery to basic cycle level of their education career,” he said.     

Alhaji Saidykhan, of The Gambia Immigration Department and a member of the school’s Parent-Teachers Association said all parents should encourage their children to learn the Holy Qur’an and understand their religion. He said that should however not stop them from learning the English language.

Imam Abdoulie Fatty advised the graduates to be always confident in themselves as the Holy Qur’an teaches that nothing harms except with the permission of Allah. 

Author: Morro ML Minteh