56 softball coaches conclude 4 weeks training

Monday, March 04, 2019

At least fifty-six physical education teachers, community and security forces softball coaches have benefited from a month intensive training organised by the Japanese Softball Association in partnership with The Gambia National Softball Association. The training was conducted by two Japanese softball coaches Saori Shirai and Sae Mougi.

At the end of the training held at Seaview Garden Hotel, David Haffner, president of The Gambia Softball Association described the training as very significant, saying it will help the Association to touch the lives of the grass roots.

Mr. Haffner said he now expect the trained coaches to go back to their respective schools and communities and give light to the game to enhance youngsters’ interest in the game.

He pointed out that softball is not a difficult sport, saying the sport was launched in The Gambia in 2009 and since then they have done a lot in trying to decentralise it across the country.

He thanked the Japanese Softball Association for their support over the years and challenged participants to ensure that they make the game seen and felt when they return to their respective schools and communities.

Muhammed Hardi, technical director of The Gambia Softball Association said the Japanese coaches were able to teach them the basic rules of the game and even gone beyond to teach them on baseball.

Saori Shirai, one of the instructors from Japan said softball is a team sport like any other sport. He advise them to play softball maturely and always help each other.

Beatrice Allen, vice president of The Gambia National Olympic Committee expressed delight in seeing the seed she  grew into a big tree.

She observed that they have come to the height of softball development, saying the conclusion of the training marks the beginning of softball development in the country.

Madam Allen expressed hope that next year they will be able to conduct the academic course with IOC for coaches to have IOC softball level one certificates. She implored on participants to come up with activity plans.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb