50 Gambians, 12 Senegalese repatriated from Libya

Monday, April 29, 2019

A total number of 50 Gambians and 12 Senegalese who were staying in Libya in recent years have returned to The Gambia, The Point has been informed.

Amadou Jarju one of the returnees who spoke to The Point described the situation in Libya as ‘horrible,’ saying that Africans who are currently staying in that North African country are being subjected to all forms of maltreatment. “We have to work both day and night. You cannot even have time to sleep. If they found you sleeping you will be beaten seriously by your captives,” he said in emotion.

According to him, thousands of Gambians are currently in Libya languishing in different prisons. “The Gambian authorities should do something in order to repatriate Gambians that are currently in difficult situation in Libya. However, their nationality should be double-checked because some are claiming to be Gambians while they are not Gambians.”

A lady who spoke to our reporter on the condition of anonymity said: “I am appealing to all Gambian youths especially women not to go to Libya. If you are working as a maid in Libya, you will be sexually harassed and if you refuse, you will be beaten seriously. Many of the people that we work for in fact term us as slaves.”   

Author: Momodou Jawo