400 families benefits from TDV, AMAANA Ramadan Gifts

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The TurkiyeDiyanetVakfi (TdV) a Turkey-based religious foundation has recently distributed food items to 400 Gambian households coordinated by the General Secretariat for Islamic-Arabic Education- AMAANA.

Speaking in Lower River Region Jarra West village of Jiffin which is one of the beneficiary communities, Njundu Darboe of Amaana explained that each household was given rice, cooking oil, beans and sugar.

Turkish Ambassador to The Gambia, Ismail Sefa Yüceer told the Jiffin beneficiaries that the gifts are “small token” from their Turkish brothers and sisters and extended Ramadan congratulations to them.

Although the gifts might be small, he said the gesture shows that Turkish people have a place for Gambians in their hearts even though Turkey lies thousands of miles away.

The village Alkalo and Imam both expressed gratitude to TDV and prayed for the continuous existence of Turkey and the well being of the Turkish Republic.

Elsewhere, in Toniataba and Karantaba (both in Jarra)) and in Kayimu,Taiba Niassen, and Omortoh in the South Bank where similar gifts were distributed, the communities expressed gratitude to TDV and prayed for continuous peace in Turkey.

In Karantaba (Jokadu), Bakangand Bali, HalidCiddi from TDV explained their mission and asked the beneficiaries to pray for the Turkish people and the Muslims ummah.

He emphasized that Islam recognises no race or color and that is why Gambians and Turks are brothers.