32-year-old woman seeks overseas medical treatment

Monday, April 15, 2019

Mariatou Barry, a 32-year-old woman form Basse is seeking for assistance for overseas medical treatment after medical reports indicate that she started developing weakness, anorexia, vomiting, blood swelling and low urine for a period of four months.

Medical report from Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital indicated that Mariatou was diagnosed with hemodialysis treatment in December last year through acute dialysis catheter inserted on the right jugular vein on physical examination.

It indicated that breath sounds has decreased and crepitating CVS heart beats is regular with abdomen soft non-tender and no organomegaly CNS conscious on focal neurological deficit.

The report also indicated that on the abdominal USS, both kidneys were small in size RK measuring 6.9cm and LK measuring 7.8cm and now they have increased echogenicity and poor corticomedullary differentiation.

“Mariatou was diagnosis with ESRD of unknown case erythropoietin and iron injection is not in our hospital. The hospital do not also have vascular that is why it’s not possible to conduct A.V.F on her. We do not also have renal transplant in the country,” the report stated.

Mariatou is now appealing to government, private institutions and individuals to support her to go for overseas treatment.  She can be reached on: 7229352/ 3744971. 

Author: Sanna Jallow