32-year-old makes radio transmitter, receiver & projector

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Ba Seedy Jabang, a 32-year-old man from Tujereng village, Kombo South District, has manufactured a transmitter and a receiver for an FM radio, with band frequencies of 92.2 and 93.2 in addition to a projector.

Jabang, a secondary school dropout started producing technical devices with other manual works at an early age. His interest in technical work has given him the zeal to further intensify his research, resulting in the production of radio devices and a video projector.

Speaking to The Point at his residence at Tujereng, Jabang said after dropping out from school at an early age due to financial constraints, he started working on technical devices which he was very good at and also had great interest.

His first technical engagement after leaving school, he said, was producing a radio FM station, using a tape player. He added that he was later introduced to the former minister of Information, Amadou Scattered Janneh.

“I started working on such technical devices at a very young age even after dropping out from school. But what is sad for now is the lack of support. My wish for now is to go back to school and developed my technical skills,” he stated.

He said he could make a lot of surprising technical devices, which can both benefit the country and even create employment for other people.

“I once told the former Information minister that I can create a television transmitter if I am given the all needed assistance to effectively do my work,” he said.

Author: Yusupha Jobe