3000 ghost workers uncovered in civil service

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Gambia government as part of its staff audit exercise has uncovered over three thousand ghost workers, majority of whom are in the security services.

In March, the Personnel Management Office has announced that it would embark on “a comprehensive nationwide staff audit” to fish out all ghost workers in the civil service and security forces.

The main objective of the exercise, which was meant to commence on 27th March 2017, “is to improve payroll integrity by ensuring that only staff working are on government payroll.”

According to the Director of Press, as of now the Barrow administration is focusing on internal controls of government institutions. “But for now, these ghost workers have to be traced; funds recovered, and if possible prosecute those responsible for incurring big loss of government funds through their pay.”

Assets declaration

The Director of Press also said that all ministers have declared assets to the Ombudsman after few of the cabinet members had requested for time to ascertain the details of their possessions, resulting in pushing the initial deadline twice. 

Author: Sanna Camara