3 years for presidency is unconstitutional

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The constitution is the supreme law of this country and any law that is in disagreement should be considered null and void – that is what Section (4) of the Constitution tells us.

Therefore, it will be unwise to suggest and insist that President Barrow must serve only three years and step aside. This idea is telling Gambians that we need to concentrate on politics and forget about what is at stake and what needs to be done, but go spend millions of dalasis again by going to the polls next year and get ready for another transition.

Proponents of this idea of going to polls next year might be blinded by the scale of financial commitment involve in elections. They are letting us know that they are not sensitive to some of the monumental challenges that we face as a country.

What that mean in practice, however, is that on microeconomic policy, they are in support of competition, trust-busting and deregulation. On macroeconomic policy, their views are even closer a dictator that has been forced just a year ago. We have to understand that politic is politic – and in politics many have long been around to understand that public interest isn’t always the priority of everyone. But today, in this Information Age, individual interest would never last long.

    In politics, we are all governed by the constitution, but because we have a bigger ambition, sometimes politicians use certain kind of langue to bring about con fusion. If Section (4) of the Constitution of The Gambia is anything to go by, what do we have to keep unending arguments over whether President Barrow should serve three or five years as president of The Gambia.

The fact that there was an ultimate goal that ousted a long time dictator, the issue of  Barrow serving three years should now fade in the woodwork. This may be an agreement by the coalition but it’s not written in stone. We have to put the national interest first and forget about our individual interests.

Minister Bah is right when he said that for Barrow to serve only three years is a joke; because he understands how much it would cause our country to conduct another presidential election next year.

According to Bah, the Constitution of The Gambia supersedes any agreement that might have been agreed upon by the coalition members.

“It is true that as coalition, we agreed that whoever leads and wins the presidential election will serve for 3 years and reorganise another election,” he said. “But the constitution mandates President Barrow to serve for 5 years and that must be respected”.

We have a microeconomic policy and therefore we are not exponents of trust-busting neither are we in support of deregulation. Conducting another presidential election next year will cause this country, so we need to keep concentrating on our development aspiration and stay away from politics a bit.

“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”

Abraham Lincoln