3 Nigerians arrested over D1.5M

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Three Nigerians have been arrested by police in connection with stealing.They were alleged to have stolen D1.5 million (one million five hundred thousand dalasis belonging to a staff of the National Malaria Control Programme, The Point has been informed.

The suspects were: Anthony Anyeka Ugody, Chukwuebuke Godfrey and one Mr. David. They are currently detained at the Police Headquarter in Banjul as investigation into the matter deepens.

The deputy police spokesperson, Foday Conta, has confirmed the development to The Point. The three Nigerians, he added, were arrested in connection with crimes reported to the police from various people ranging from car damage and stealing among host of others.

He revealed that the suspect stole D1.5M belonging to a staff of the National Malaria Control Programme – a matter he said was reported to the Kairaba Police Station upon which the police mounted an investigation into the matter. “David was arrested in Banjulinding and he helped the police in identifying the other two suspects who were arrested in Fajara and Latrikunda respectively.”

Explaining their modus operandi, deputy police public relations officer, Conta said David used to be in the banks pretending to be a customer while monitoring people withdrawing huge amounts of money.

“When he sees any customer in the bank withdrawing huge amount of cash, he would make a signal to his team who would be standing with motorbikes around the bank. The particular team will be chasing the individual and in some circumstances, they would throw nails on the highway in order for passengers’ vehicle tyres to get burst.”  

According to him, when the vehicle tyres get burst, the team would arrive at the scene pretending to be helping the individual. “They would come and smash the vehicle’s window and go away with the particular money.”

The suspects, he went on, have confessed to have stolen in separate occasions the sum of D300,000, D600,000 and D100, 000 from various people in various locations of the Greater Banjul Area.

Conta said that the suspects were in a group of six. However, the three other suspects have left the country.

Author: Momodou Jawo