3 injured in destructive fire outbreak at Latri Kunda Sabiji

Friday, February 16, 2018

At least three people have sustained injuries in a fire outbreak that caused colossal burning of a house at Latri Kunda Sabiji and destruction of property in a violent manner. The compound tenants say they could not still establish the cause of the fire.

According to sources, the fire occurred between 2pm and 4pm and consumed valuable properties like mattresses, bed seats, clothing, furniture, livestock, food stuff and money worth over 15, 000 dalasi.

Bintou Touray, one of the tenants in the compound said she was at home when the fire started but cannot tell the cause because the compound has no electricity. “I was praying inside my room when I heard my children calling shouting there was fire. I lost everything into the fire. The only thing I am left with is the cloths I am wearing.”

Her husband Mustapha Fatty said, “All we need right now is help from the government, private sector and individuals because as at now, we have nothing; not even food to eat.”

Amie Njie, also a tenant in the second apartment of the building said it is sad to go out and come back only to find that all their belongings were burnt down to ashes.

Author: Pa Modou Cham