3 children return from treatment in Germany

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Three Gambians kids who went on treatment in Germany have Friday returned home after undergoing a successful medical treatment at the Peace Village in Germany. They were received on arrival at the Banjul International Airport by officials of Project Aid The Gambia, and their family members.

The kids were Sainabou Jatta, who was suffering from Ocephacose, Abdoulie Kanteh who was also having some abnormalities on his legs and Lamin Saidy who also had malformation on his legs.

Speaking to journalists shortly after their arrival, the medical director of Project Aid, Dr. Hassan Azadeh, said Project Aid has been existing in the country for the past 21 years and has contributed immensely towards the development and advancement of our health sectors.

Dr. Azadeh explained that they identified children between the age of one to eight years who have some abnormalities and complications and could not be treated in The Gambia due to the fact the facilities are not in the country.

He said most of the kids that went for treatment in Germany have abnormalities in their legs and arms while others were suffering from ocephacose. The treatment, he said, is free and the kids will be seen by difference kind of doctors during their stay in Germany.

“The children identified, he said, are almost impossible to have their treatments in The Gambia. They needed big surgeries and they needed a specialist which we don’t have in the country.”

The chairman of Project Aid The Gambia, Matthias Ketteler, thanked Peace Village for their continued support for children that are suffering from difference illnesses in the country. “Without their help I am 100% sure, those kids standing before us will not have had the chance to develop as normal kids as they are today.” He expressed hope that the longstanding cooperation between Peace Village and Project Aid will continue.

Speaking on behalf of the kids parents, Karamo Touray, from Siffo village in Kombo South District of the West Coast Region (WCR), thanked Peace Village and Project Aid for their tireless efforts in helping Gambians children gain healthy treatment in Germany.

He said without their assistance, things would have been very difficult for the children to get the right treatment.

Dr. Meike Woerdemann, a volunteer from Peace Village who returned with the kids from Germany explains that one of the kids that returns from the oversea treatment has malformation on his legs which was operated and now the legs are nice and straight, while the other one has infection of the bones after he suffer from fractures, saying that they are all treated well and will be monitored by officials of Project Aid.

Peace village, she went on, is an organisation which was established in 1967, and ever since when countries are in need of medical aid, they assist them.

Author: Momodou Jawo