29 students graduated atSASS Cosmetology

Monday, March 04, 2019

A total of twenty-nine students, last Saturday graduated at SASS Cosmetology and Skills Academy held at a hotel in Kololi.

The 29 graduates, comprising the 4th batch of the Academy, were awarded certificates after one year of intensive skills training. They were recognised for their hard work, perseverance and commitment during the course of the training.

Director Adam Touray-Bah said vocational and skills training play a very important role in providing and preparing youth, especially girls and young women with life skills.

She said the successful programmes can also indirectly bring about positive behavioral changes and provide spillover benefits for families and communities of the young graduates.

Mrs. Touray-Bah reminded the graduates to remember that they do not have to be smarter than the other; saying all they have to do is to be willing to work harder than the other.

“Talking about working harder, be the hardest working person you know because if you are not, someone else will be.”

Representing the Ministry of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology, Fatou Mbengeh Jaiteh said the ministry strongly supports such initiatives as great skills to the young men and women, saying education is key in course of action.

According to her, skill acquisition plays a dynamic role in Gambia’s socio-economic development, helping in the enhancement of the labour force and stimulate the economy to create jobs and self-employment.

“Technical and vocational education and training promises to curb both the recent and long-standing challenges faced by this country, particularly the ever-increasing youth population, such as irregular migration, unemployment and poverty.”

Assistant public relations officer of the National Accreditation and Quality Assurance (NAQAA) said, NAQAA encourages parents to take their children to institutions that are registered with them because if they failed to do so, the certificates of their children will not be recognised.

Siaka Marong, assistant director of Women Bureau also congratulated the graduates, saying they have proven that they can be good ambassadors of SASS Academy.

Author: Fatou Dem