28 Nigerian defence college officers on Gambia study tour

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Twenty-eight officers from the Nigeria Defence College are currently on a study tour in The Gambia. The tour on the Theme, “Post conflict peace building and national security in The Gambia lessons for Nigeria” falls within the regional studies module of the college curriculum.

Speaking at the Joint Officers Mess in Kotu, Gambia’s deputy chief of defense staff Major General Yankuba Drammeh said he considers the theme of the tour as significant, adding that the team must have been informed by the necessities drawing from what they seek or intend to achieve.

According to Major Gen. Drammeh, in the history of Gambia as a nation, she has never been gripped by anxiety and fear that provoked mass exodus of people like the like political impasse. “The mass exodus was precipitated by the aftermath of the political impasse. But nevertheless, our resolve and firm commitment as a nation coupled with our deep rooted culture of tolerance and perseverance complemented by mutual understanding led to the settlement of the impasse.”

He said Gambians were able to go through the process in a more peaceful way, saying in The Gambia, one can hardly distinguish between groups belonging to specific tribes or a specific indicator. “We try to promote mutual co-existence among ourselves that played a pivotal role in seeing us through the process. Today, our shared commitment and determination was able to usher in a new dispensation,” he said.

Head of the Nigerian team Commodore Emmanuel Olatatunji Beckley said the tour is part of the College’s curriculum to visit African countries on study tour. “Nigeria and The Gambia have a lot in common and there is lot for Nigeria to learn from the country.”

Commodore Emmanuel said the defence college is involved in training senior officers from the ranks of Colonel, Senior police officers, senior civil servants from ministries, departments and agencies. 

Author: Momodou Jawo