26 students qualify for Take-M Spelling Bee National Championship

Friday, February 22, 2019

By Fatou B. Cham

A total of twenty-six students have qualified for the national championship of the Take-M Transformation Organisation spelling bee championship after crossing the second phase of the competition. They will now join 16 of other students in the championship who earlier crossed the first phase.

Take-M Transformation Organisation targets to promote the importance of reading, comprehension, writing and spelling.

Janneh S. Darboe, a region 2 education directorate cluster monitor thanked parents and teachers for allowing their children to participate in the inter-school spelling bee competition.

He encouraged the students to take their time in spelling the given words, adding that there is no loser in the competition. “Ask for further clarification if you do not understand and ask the pronouncer to pronounce it again and if possible, how the word is used in the sentence.”

He said as advocates, it is incumbent on the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education to provide education for every child in The Gambia.

Malang M. Kuyateh, senior education officer said the event was educative and competitive, saying any child who is able to spell well can also read, comprehend and write well. “I will suggest the organisers to engage all schools, teachers, parents and the society to encourage and support students,” he said.

Tunde Muyi Ogundimu, chief executive officer of TAKE-M Transformation Organisation emphasised the Organisation’s role in promoting education in the country in partnership with schools and advised students to take their time and not to be nervous when the competition is in progress.