23 cattle die in Mandinaba accidents in two weeks

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

At least six cattle were killed and three injured after a truck ran into a herd between Mandinaba and Serrekundanding on Thursday. 

This brought the total to 23 cattle killed in a week in two accidents in Mandinaba.

Sources say the sand loaded truck was coming from Brikama end at high speed while the animals were crossing from their graze.

Eyewitnesses, including the herdsman and a farmer, said the driver was over speeding. The exact scene of the accident is a designated cattle crossing point with signs erected on both sides of the road.

On August 31, just a day before the Muslim feast of Tobaski, another truck carrying cattle from Jiboroh end ran into the Mandinaba Community Mosque and caused collateral damages.

Sources say the driver, who died days after the incident, did lost control of the brake and ran into the Mosque, crushing down one side of it. Seventeen cattle died in that incident.

In the last Thursday incident, one of the cows was killed with an unborn calf. “The driver was coming at a very high speed. In fact, when he hit the cattle, he couldn’t stop the car for more than 1 kilometer,” the herdsman Amadou Jallow said.

The rate of accident is increasing on Gambian highways with majority caused by either brake failure or high speeding.

The national livestock owners association had condemned the act, saying they now have the feeling that some drivers enjoy killing animals.

“This is just a finished issue. This point is clearly a designated animal crossing point so the driver just deliberately ran into them and killed them,” Momodou Sumareh, one of the owners of the killed cattle.

Mr Sumareh said that with the damage of property the driver had caused him; he could only negotiate for payment and nothing else.

Adama Bah, West Coast Region cattle owners’ security said they will no longer be quiet while their cattle are subjected to highway killings without regard.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh