220 Gambians return from Libya

Monday, December 11, 2017

A staggering number of 220 Gambian migrants have last returned home from Libya following weeks of international condemnation over the North African country’s inhuman treatment of African migrants.

The Gambia government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad (MoFA) recently expressed disapproval over the horrific and indignant reports on the sale of African migrants as slaves in Libya.

It all came to light after the CNN’s documentary confirms the testimony of several witnesses from who it became clear that African migrants were being enslaved and auctioned off like animals in camps in Libya.

The ministry said it had denounced in the strongest terms, slavery in all its forms and considers the practice an egregious violation of human rights and human dignity.

Amadou Badjie, a returnee, told The Point that: “Libya is a hell place for Africans or any black person, you work 24-7, and you only eat once a loaf of bread and drink a cup of water.”

“Libyans are cruel,” he said. “When you sleep, they will come after you with iron to beat you.” He added that Libyans have no sympathy for women.

“The international community should rescue the 800,000 migrants suffering bitterly there.”

According to official source, since January to date, 2000 Gambians have returned home. The source added that currently, about three to 5000 Gambians are languishing in Libyan jails.