2 sanitization trucks gift for BCC

Monday, October 02, 2017

(Friday, 29th September 2017 Issue)
The Major of Banjul City Council who just returned from a trip has lauded the gesture of the Chinese government and the people of Nanning city for the donation of two sanitization trucks worth D20 million to the Banjul City council

Mayor Abdoulie Bah recently returned from China at the invitation of the Mayor of the city of Nanning to attend the 14th Edition of the Asian Expo Meeting, together with a Gambian delegation.

His visit was meant to further the Nanning-Banjul friendly exchanges and foster a closer tie between the two cities.

The donated items also include four sets of jerseys and 20 soccer balls to Young African FC and Macdonald United.

The link between Nanning City and Banjul was established in 1989 when Mayor Bah was Counselor of Kampama Ward in Banjul.

 He credited the link to the “good leadership” of the then mayor, James Gomez, who is now serving as Minister of Fisheries.

The link suffered a break after the military coup in 1994, when it was dissolved.

When Bah was elected Mayor of the BCC, he thought it important to re-establish the link. Last year, his counterparts received him to discuss the creation of an MOU which he described as “totally comprehensive, and covers both areas of the cities’ concerns.”

The aim of the link is to help youths as future leaders by opening doors of opportunities for them to grow and excel. “The link can market our youth because China is a footballing nation at the moment,” he said, adding a similar link was established with the city of Austen.

“Because capacity building is important, we have discussed this and BCC is expecting 12 scholarships from the Chinese government through the Nanning municipality for Gambian students to undergo studies in China next year,” he said.

He highlighted the various projects his council is engaged in, saying they have invested millions to ensure Banjul develops.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: The two majors posed with the donated trucks