1st mayoress vows to represent interest of all Banjulians

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The newly elected mayoress of Banjul City Council, who is also the first ever female to be elected into that position in The Gambia- has vowed to represent the interest of all Banjulians, as she assumed her new duty.

She made it clear that in as much as she was elected under the United Democratic Party (UDP) ticket, she will be there for everybody and promised to leave up to expectation in her new duty.

Rohey Malick Lowe was speaking on Tuesday during her swearing in ceremony alongside nine elected councilors within the city of Banjul. The event was held at the Atlantic Hotel in Banjul.  

Banjul City Council, she went on, will never again be an extended wing for any political party, instead it belongs to the people of Banjul irrespective of their political affiliations or ideology.

She noted that during her campaign, she emphasised in her manifesto that election to the Office of Mayor is one of a social contracts between the candidate and the people of Banjul.

To this end, she promised to contribute immensely towards the advancement of the city of Banjul.

 “I will bring back hope where there has been hopelessness and bring back faith where there has been doubt. It is also without doubt that our beloved city requires urgent and frank discussion with regard to the development of Banjul in areas of infrastructure, women and youth empowerment among others.” she said

Such development agenda, she believes, can only be achieved within the powers laid down in the Local Government Act 2002, saying she would collaborate with the central government to advocate for more autonomy and resources so as to perform effectively as a council.

“Our revenue collection needs to be revisited as we are currently in conflict as to who collects what”. 

She thus urged the citizens of Banjul to make best use of the opportunity in order to turn the capital into a prosperous city by embracing a slogan “Together We Change Our City for Good”

Mayoress Lowe described the event as a historic event and that it will make her to start on a good footing by getting ready to develop the Banjul City Council with the new dispensation where justice, peace and freedom prevail.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara
Source: Picture: The newly elected mayoress of Banjul City Council