17-year-old girl seeks assistance for overseas medical treatment

Monday, June 10, 2019

(Friday, 7th June 2019 Issue)

The family of a seventeen year old grade 11 student of Charles Jaw Memorial Academy in Bundung is seeking for assistance to enable their child; Oley Sey have access to overseas medical treatment. 

Oley is said to be suffering from a swollen left lateral on the neck which is causing pain on her and deteriorating her health and education.

The National Assembly Member of Niani Alhagie SB Sillah visited the girl and her family at Njoben Wolof in Central River Region where he expressed sympathy and also appealed to philanthropic organisations, individuals and humanitarian care givers to come to Oley’s assistance to access overseas treatment.

Mr. Sillah said it is true that Orley has been seriously suffering from the sickness on her neck and has been now refereed a Dakar hospital in Senegal. “On behalf of the girl, parents and the district at large, I am seeking for assistance for Oley to go for medical treatment in Dakar,” Mr. Sillah said.

Oley told our reporter that she has been in serious pain from the sickness with no improvement, appealing for support to enable her undergo medical treatment in Senegal.

Her parents said they have spent virtually all their wealth on Oley’s health but still there is no improvement. They also made a general appeal to support their child to give her chance undergo medical treatment. 

Author: Ousman Jallow