16 year-old boy drowns at Nianija Bolong

Monday, February 04, 2019

Reports from Nianija District village of Konteh have confirmed that a sixteen year-old boy call Sainey Njie drowned at the Nianija Bolong on Thursday whiles  trying to cross the Bolong –stream- with his brothers.

“Sainey died while he was trying to swim to the other bank of the river with some friends who can swim,” a source told our CRR correspondent.

Saniney’s death has touched his parents but they said it was the will of Allah which no one can stop. 

Nianija Chief Dawda York consoled the parents and urged them to be patient and accept Allah’s will. He also appealed to parents to always monitor the activities of their children and places they go to.

He thanked the fishermen who spent hours in searching the diseased body in the waters, saying that is a great show of love the people have for one another.

Author: Ousman Jallow, CRR