14 GRA sports staff received Farafenni-Dakar Senegambia run competition certificates

Friday, February 01, 2019

At least 14 staff from The Gambia Revenue Authority GRA, who participated on the recent Farafenni-Dakar Senegambia integration run sport competition were presented certificates of participation by the organisers. The delegation team was headed to the office of the Commissioner General by Mr. George Gomez and his team of organisers to present the certificates to GRA sport staff.

This auspicious occasion was graced by the Commissioner General of GRA Mr. Yankuba Darboe, deputy Commissioner General and head of domestic TAX Mr. ESSA Jallow, Director of Internal Audit, Head of Corporate, deputy Manager Human Resources, among other senior staff of GRA.

Speaking at the presentation, the Commissioner General GRA, first and foremost thank the organisers on behalf of GRA for their active participation through this event.

He described this event as a great day, going through the process of organising this event, till to the end we were all there to see what happen.

He said generally it was a success, we at the level of GRA, we appreciate the partnership that we have gone through with the organisers of this Farafenni-Dakar Senegambia integration run competition.

He said the organizers could have done it without GRA , or other  institutions , but the fact that they came to us , to partnership with them , is a great thing an GRA  appreciate that .

We hope that this partnership will not be one off but the beginning of it as stronger relationship between the organisers and GRA. So we are very thankful that, and furthermore that, this event has also cement our relationship, among the young people working within GRA on various department within GRA.

He explained that GRA, is an institution that comprises of seven departments, but ordinarily, most of the people outside will look at GRA as Customs, adding that GRA has gone above Customs. Customs is just one department, we have Customs and Excise department, Domestic Tax department, HR department, Directorate of Internal Audit, Department of Technical  Services, Directorate of Legal Affair and Enterprise Risks Management.

He said therefore, this participants come from various department with different job description, however this event has yield something, now for the couple of weeks, they interacted and build friendship, strong bond together, so they have close relationship which the management of GRA appreciate. He added that apart from building relationship within themselves and Senegal counterpart sport. He said the two head of states are advocating for stronger bond and free movement of people and goods, and this is one of it.

He said charity begin at home - Gambia-Senegal  has to show good example, in the middle of ECOWAS and AU, so event like this when we do it successfully, others will copy us.

He advised the GRA sport team that if you want to succeed in life, you have to have discipline, and I can see that discipline in you. He further told them if you want to grow up or succeed in life, number one principle is discipline. Whatever you want to do it has to go with discipline and surely you will make it.

You are now part of history, you started this run, apart from Mr. George Gomez of which the country recognise him and the young will learn from him. We need people like him with good innovative, to make it work stronger. Mr. George Gomez coming up with this brilliant is not a surprise. He said it is not easy to organise a domestic event much more internationally.  He encourages the participants to continue with this spirit of unity, dedication and commitment, surely they will make an impact on their life.

Also speaking was Mr. Ousman Bah who give special thanks to the initiator Mr. George Gomez, a veteran in the areas of sport

He further praised him for his brilliant ideas, innovative in coming up with this ideas with the aim to create more unity within the sub region especial The Gambia and Senegal.

He described Mr. Gomez as action oriented in the sport industry, and this initiative will strengthening our bond with Senegal.  He said with the bridge is better as revenues collectors, trade will flourishes, and will be collected and more development will be realised. To the staff this is also a challenge to keep us healthy and strong so that we can continue to rely on GRA to grow and spent less on medical SPENT. He also commended Commissioner General for his foresight  in ensuring that GRA staff participates in this event..

For his side, Dr. Seedy Drammeh deputy Manager HR at GRA, Dr. Seedy thank the management of GRA for the support as usual and also to make it happen. He went on to thank the organisers particularly Mr. George Gomez and his team as well as the entire GRA Sport team, saying that Mr. Gomez throughout  the process, he was like a father to them. He said therefore thank Mr. GEORGE and his team  for this hospitality. He said of course without the support of GRA this could have not been realized. He also appeal to the team saying that they were very committed and did their best, despite the short notice, they registered tremendous performance with excellence. He therefore appeal to the management of GRA through the Commissioner General to maintain this team for their coming sport in the future.

Source: Picture: GRA boss