130 victims benefit from Article 19, CAPREC programme

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

(Issue for Monday 5th August 2019)

 Mrs. Jainaba Ndoye Jeng, coordinator of the Center for Africans, Prevention, Resolution and Conflict (CAPREC) has disclosed in an interview with The Point that CAPREC and its partner Article 19 have supported more than 2, 000 victims in Africa through legal assistance, medical consultation, counseling and social support. More than 130 victims have also benefited similar support, she added.

“In The Gambia we registered about 130 victims, 20 were female and the rest were men. Hundred received their treatment support in Senegal during their time as refugees and asylum seekers, in which some were journalists, government officials, soldiers, political leaders and a protocol at State House.”

She explained that CAPREC is a non-governmental organisation based in Senegal, adding that they started working on human rights violations in 2001.

She said they are helping 25 countries in Africa and most of their projects are funded by National Voluntary Fund for Victims of Tortured (UNVFVT), Office of the High Commission of Human Rights of General (OHCHR), Article 19 and European Union (EU).

“We started working with Article 19 in 2013. We help victims of human rights violations.  In 2014, Article 19 gave us 45 victims that were released at Mile 2 Central Prison for us to support them on their health. Twenty-five of them were very sick and needed emergency treatment.”

Concerning their trip to The Gambia last week, she said they had supported 40 victims with counseling and medications.

She described their partnership with The Gambia as one family, while adding that “we share the same languages, culture and religion.”

Bintou Jaiteh, legal fellow at Article 19, said they are defending victims of human rights violations in order for them to continue their career.

On the relationship between Article 19 and CAPREC, she said they have been working together to assist victims for several years. “Article 19 launched two years project funded by the EU under the theme: ‘Strengthening Human Rights Standard in the Country.’ “We signed an MoU with Victims’ Center for the victims to be heard, seek redress help them through the provision of income generation activities.”

She added that by doing so, it will help them fit into the society, while saying that for 22 years, victims suffered from gross human rights violations; ranging from arbitrary arrest of journalists, human rights defenders, activists, politicians, religious leaders and others.

Author: Pa Modou Cham