12-year Boy needs assistance for Cardiac Surgery treatment

Friday, May 03, 2019

Serign Joom, a 12 years-old boy from Kerr Sering has launched an appeal for assistance from the government, private institutions and individuals to enable him undergo a sudden cardiac surgery elsewhere as definitive treatment.

According a medical report issued from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Serign reported to the cardiac clinic with history of cough and facial puffiness for a week, with the symptoms associated with loss of appetite.

The report stated that in the past medical history, Serign made recurrent outpatient visits due to the symptoms and the examination shows a stable child, in no obvious distress, cyanosed, anicteric, afebrile and mild pale.

The medical report also shows that vital signs of the boy heart rate is 88b/m, temperature 36.0c and respiratory rate 20c/m. Cardiovascular system indicates hyperactive precordium, s1 and s2 heard with a systolic murmur loudest at the mitral region, anterior of the midclavicular line and radiating to the axilla.

The report further indicated that his respiratory system is clinically clear and the abdomen and central nervous system reveal unremarkable.

Furthermore, the report pinpointed the diagnosis of the boy as heart failure secondary to tetralogy of fallot and the investigation shows full blood count. “HB: 12.g/d1. WBC: 9x10/1 and platelets. 3llx10/1.” Serign can be contacted on: 220 7112140 / 3593081

Author: Fatou Dem